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Sarah Sol

Contact me for a one-on-one:


(818) 913-7271


Sarah Sol Yoga is described as authentic, intuitive and inclusive. Sarah has been a student of Yoga for over 20 years. She has studied several different styles of yoga and has determined that yoga, when applied with curiosity and non-judgment, is one of the greatest healing modalities for truly everyone.

In 2007, Yoga instruction became her full time profession in Los Angeles, CA. Sarah has since relocated to Ashland, OR with her family and continues to provide her students with various styles of public classes, private instruction, teacher trainings, mentorships, retreats and online classes.

Her own experiences and her years of working with students inform her ability to meet her clients right where they are. She sees the strength, beauty and vitality in her clients and works with them toward their own empowerment and self esteem.

To learn more about Sarah, visit her website:

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