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Celina Reppond

Contact me for a one-on-one:

(541) 778-1746


Celina Reppond has been teaching people to inhabit their bodies since 1998 when she received her Pilates teaching certificate from the Pilates Center of Boulder. After teaching in Boulder, London, and New York City, she opened her own studio in Manhattan, called Core Zone Pilates. She received further certifications in the Gyrotonic Method® (2004), Kundalini Yoga (2005), Naam Yoga (2006), and Aerial Yoga (2015). She has owned and operated Inward Bound in Ashland since 2007.

Her first love is to teach people how to become acquainted with their physical and energetic bodies with strength, grace and ease. Her background in anatomy and dance coupled with her extensive experience working with injured bodies has given her a keen awareness into injury and healing. She views every injury as an opportunity for greater knowledge of one’s own body and as potential to go beyond one’s previous physical and energetic limits.

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